Bridal Mehandi Artist

Girls who are getting married shortly can find various Bridal mehndi designers in Delhi.

Best Bridal Mehandi Artist

Henna or mehandi is an integral part of every Indian wedding. In fact, the rituals start with the application of henna paste on the palms of the bride and groom.

Bridal mehandi artists in Delhi are at their creative best when applying henna on the brides palm and feet. For this auspicious occasion, mehandi artists at RAJU Mehandi bring pure henna leaves, get it dried, grind and make a fine paste to apply creatively on the palms of a bride.

While mehandi is loved by every woman attending the event, for brides, it holds a different meaning and significance. For a bride, the beautiful colour of mehandi marks the beginning of a fresh life and a relation that is believed to last forever. Therefore, bridal mehandi is different than any other normal designs. Artists, who apply bridal mehandi, create wonderful designs that are actually remembered by every guest for a long time.

Our artists at Raju Mehandi also apply customised designs as wished by the bride. They are masters in all mehandi styles including Arabic, Mughlai, typical Indian and latest designsnwith intricate details that grab all eyeballs.

Our mehandi artists create designs that preserve the true Indian values while exuding a modern unique look. Stunning designs are applied on hands as the bride wishes for. We offer services all across Delhi and ensure that our designs become one of the reasons of the bride's bright smile.

Raju Mehandi is known for excellent mehandi designs that demonstrate an Indian woman's true identity and style