Great Benefits of Mehandi

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Great Benefits Of mehandi, You Do Not Know

If you know the benefits of the beauty and beauty of the beautiful mehandi, you will be crazy, it will be even more like it. Know how effective your health and beauty is in reducing the henna -

1. mehandi can be used as a medicine to clean the blood. For this, soaking the mehandi in clean water at night and filter it in the morning and drink it.

2. On the problem of pain in the knees or joints, grind mehindi and castor leaves in equal proportions and warm the mixture warmly and knead on the knees.

3. mehandi is also a great option for troubles like headache or migraine. Applying a cool frozen henna and putting it on the head will greatly benefit.

4. Burning on a place in the body, grind it with the bark or leaves of mehandi and prepare the lip. Applying this coating on the burnt spot will help the wound recover quickly.

5. Mix yogurt, amla powder, fenugreek powder in mehandi and mix it in the hair. Wash the hair after having 1 to 2 hours in the hair. By doing so the hair is dark, dense and shiny.

6. Due to coldness in Tasir, mehandi is used to reduce the increased heat in the body. Applying henna to the soles of hands and feet is less of the body's heat.

7. Also, break the mehandi's fresh leaves and soak it in clean water and drink it in the morning after drinking it overnight. This experiment is also helpful in removing the body heat.