Mughlai Mehandi Design

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Mughlai Mehandi Design

Mughlai mehndi designs are among the most beautiful in the world. The palm is covered with simple and lovely design which is extended till the wrist. The fingers are organized with classy and fine work. It is an incredible work of many patterns to form this eye catching design.

Indian henna art is basically too magnificent for words. It’s wide-extending and growing constantly and easily incorporates different kinds of interpretations of a design depending upon where the artist is from.

But all of those designs have one thing in common: and that is the fact that they all look greatly wonderful. Mughlai henna art gives a royal and superior touch over the traditional designs, befitting queens and princesses. It will go perfectly with your historical theme and the king and queen will look nice and happy in their monumental thrones on your hand.

Mughlai is one of the established and most traditional designs. It is the use of designs related to flowers and geometry, which is engraved on the hands with a very empty space. Usually, they go from the ends of the fingers to the skins in the lower direction. In these, important lines and points have been mixed with flowers, leaves and petals. These designs of Mehndi are excellent for both of your hands and can be used by women of all ages. Women believe that henna is only right for some time, but their skin becomes identical, so now they also install Mehandi in their fingers and feet. This practice is famous in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other Arab countries.

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