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Bridal mehandi artists in Delhi are at their
creative best when applying henna on the brides palm and feet.

Raju Gupta with Juhi Chawala

Best Mehandi Artist in Delhi

Mehandi is used by nearly everybody and all over the place. It is been used all through late hundreds of years. Earlier it was simply used as an ordinary art yet nowadays it is used as traditional as well as style and fashion also. It is also believed that mehandi gets good luck in your new life

Whether it's a festival, wedding or some different events mehandi is used and loved by all. There are various themes and plans in mehandi, for instance, wedding mehandi, corporate mehandi, party mehandi, and many more. According to themes, there are various designs to select from such as Arabic mehandi designs, Indian mehandi designs, bridal mehandi designs, Rajasthani mehandi designs etc.

Raju best mehandi artist has gradually extremely unique as a designer moreover he resolute to trade his diversion into a profession. Presently, he is a specialized mehendi artist likewise has been 15 years in the field of capable mehandi design.

Creations offer a highly customized and bespoke service to suit your individual needs and budgets. We are a new generation of artists, using unique techniques together with natural ingredients for the mehandi, to add significance to its shading for your special occasions to prop up for a significant long opportunity to arrive.

Our team can serve to a large number of people and the heena mehandi paste used is made from natural ingredients, guaranteeing smooth lines and perfect colour. Call Raju Mehendi Art today and get ready to adorn yourself with stunning detailed mehandi.

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Raju Mehandi Gallery

Catch the wide range of mehandi designs for your dream occasion. Get thousands of inspirational images here.

Awards Winning Video Raju Mehandi

Raju Mehndi has received many awards in his experience days by a celebrity. This is a famous mehndi artist, who has applied mehndi to many people.

What People Say?

It has been a pleasure working with all my wonderful brides and their families. Thank you for inviting me into your special festivities and giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Interesting History of Hand Mehndi

Throughout the world, there is a belief of mehndi, Raju Mehndi has been involved in this work for more than 25 years.

Be it a wedding, it is used as a symbol of happiness in festivals like Rakshabandhan, Eid, Diwali etc. It is nothing but mehndi which gives color.

The cultural value of mehndi is so much that in most religions marriages are used for auspiciousness. On any special occasion, the color of mehndi is seen in the hands of little girls to big women of the house.

It is also a great work to increase love, happiness and beauty. Have you ever wondered what is the history of mehndi being used on such a large scale today?

So let us know, many interesting things related to its origin -

Used since 9 thousand years

By the way, there are many opinions about the beginning of the use of 'mehndi', which has a lot of color in its hands. People have different opinions about it. Out of which it is believed that it started in Egypt.

It is said that Mehndi came into vogue 9 thousand years ago. It first started being used in Egypt. The last queen of the Egyptian civilization, Cleopatra, loved mehndi.

She used to use it in different ways. She used to use this to add beauty to her moon.

Not only the queen, but the people of Egypt also used it while burying Mami. They used to apply it on Mami's nails. Evidence of this was also found from several mums found during the excavation.

Now if we talk about it coming to India, then in the 12th century, the Mughals made us aware of it. However, it was more prevalent in India in the 20th century. Women started rubbing it more on their hands and feet. However, there are many opinions on this matter as well.

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